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A fascinating blend of high quality, shade grown coffees from the coffee forests of Central and South America, the winter home of migratory hummingbirds. We then add beans from Ethiopia to bring some of their fruitiness to the mix This blend is roasted medium dark in the classic Viennese style. Many believe this is the perfect roast because it brings out all the coffee's flavour notes and adds a hint of "roast". Hummingbird is a medium bodied coffee.

Bean Origins:

Ethiopia - Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union 

  • In Sidama, the garden coffee production system is widely practiced.  Coffee is grown near homesteads and is planted at low densities, ranging from 1,000 to 1,800 plants per hectare.  Most garden coffee is fertilized with organic nutrients. 
  • Depending on altitudinal variation and rainfall distribution, the harvesting period varies from September to December.  Harvesting is mostly done by family labor.  Freshly hand-picked cherries are sorted before pulping and are sold to the primary cooperatives for wet processing.
  • Fresh clean cherries arriving at pulperies are pulped and allowed to ferment naturally.  The fermented coffee is washed with clean running water, soaked in clean water and then dried to retain about 11.5 percent moisture.
  •  Dried parchments (washed and dried coffee with husks) are stored in a warehouse until delivery to the Union in Addis Ababa.  The husk is removed and the clean beans are packaged in labeled bags (60 kg / 132 lbs) for export.

Colombia - The Cooperativa Cafetera de la Costa Ltda

  • Grown in the Colombian Caribbean, near Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, with the highest peaks of the country. Through the Cooperative farmers are guaranteed price transparency, formalized technical evaluation standards and access to credit and cooperative purchased farm inputs.

Brazil - AC Cafe

  • Both farms, our warehouse and dry mill as well as our main office are located in the Cerrado Area of Minas Gerais state in Brazil. The privileged Cerrado area micro-climate provides a great environment for high quality Arabica coffee production. Mild temperatures and no rainfall during the season’s peak are crucial for the necessary slow maturation of the coffee cherries.  This Rainforest certified coffee is process using the semi-washed, Honey Process meaning the beans are dried with some of teh fruit  still on the bean. This results in a distinctly lower acidity with increased body and flavour.

Guatamala - Cooperative Nahuala - Solola, Pasac

  • Cooperative Nahualá is located in state of Sololá which is known for its beautiful Lake Atitlan. The members of the co-op are part of Guatemala’s indigenous Mayan population which still proudly uphold many of the traditional cornerstones of the culture such as their clothing and language. The coffee farmers in Pasac speak primarily Quiché (or K’iché) while some understand and speak Spanish as a secondary language. The clothing is often handmade locally, and the various patterns and colors signify the family and community heritage.
  • Located in and around the rural village of Pasac, these farmers live and work on the steep mountainous slopes between 2,000 – 4,000 feet of elevation in one of Central America’s most lively volcanic areas. Many Mayan communities throughout Guatemala suffered unspeakable atrocities during the 1980’s civil unrest and now dealing with the economic difficulties that have followed ever since. The idea of forming an agricultural cooperative in Pasac developed in the 1960’s by a Priest who saw co-ops as an opportunity to open commercial markets for the farmers in that local area, and ultimately improve their lives. As an organized entity, the group has worked with different agencies, government bodies, and non profits over the years to bring many changes to their area including potable water, a primary school, health center, electricity, telephones, community center, churches, a co-op hostel for visitors, soccer field, community cemetery, and a community library. Nahualá also works to promote gender equality through specific trainings and overall inclusion of their women members. It established a Café Femenino Program in 2005. In an effort to promote a health symbiotic relationship with the natural environment, the cooperative is dedicated to organic production and has been producing certified organic coffee for export for more than 10 years.
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5 Stars

This has to be among the best coffee I have ever had. Beautifully roasted, just a hint of dark...mmmm. I drink my coffee black so I want very good coffee. No double double Timmies for me!!