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This superb organic Fair Trade coffee is shade-grown under a forest canopy without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. The farmers are paid higher than market prices and provided technical training and support. These high grown coffees come from the Asociación de Pequeños Caficultores de Quinchia (APECAFEQ) co-operative in Quinchia. From the Fairtrade USA website:

The Fair Trade premium has enabled Asociación de Pequeños Caficultores de Quinchia to establish various social and productive programs.

APECAFEQ provides scholarships to hundreds of members, their spouses and their children to access primary, secondary and university education. Capacity development training is also provided in the form of seminars, workshops and meetings. In addition, the cooperative created a program that teaches coffee cupping to members, their children and employees.

Productive Investment:
APECAFEQ is using money from the Fair Trade premium to reduce debts and build the financial viability of the co-op. APECAFEQ has funded improvements to storage, coffee drying shelters and spare parts for pulpers. In addition, the cooperative conducts soil analysis and recommends methods for rejuvenation.

The co-op provides training in organic farming methods and hired a technical adviser to assist members with organic conversion. Currently the co-op has intiated a new waste management system for the community in order to protect the area’s water, and has assisted members with the instillation of septic systems.

Credit Program:
APECAFEQ maintains a rotating credit fund for its skilled members which consists of providing credit for improving farms, free investment and loans for wives and daughters of members to invest in projects.

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