The Creemore Coffee Company opened its doors in the year 2000 in the pretty little village of Creemore. We started based on idea that it should not be necessary to go to the "Big City" to get truly gourmet quality coffee. We searched out the highest quality beans we could find and made sure our roasters worked hard at producing a consistent, carefully roasted product that tasted great. The result was coffee we were happy to drink and proud to offer.

Over the years our idea of quality has evolved beyond simply great taste. Our long time interest in nature and especially birding lead us to discover the serious issues surrounding the modern production methods used for coffee.

In the past, coffee was traditionally produced on bushes that required shade to thrive. The overhanging canopy of trees provided a natural environment for diverse wildlife, especially birds. Plant debris and composted coffee bean pulp provided natural fertilization.

In the 70's & 80's, a green revolution of sorts took place. High yield, sun tolerant coffee bushes were developed. International agencies sponsored the clearing of coffee forests and the replacement of the old style bushes. Production of coffee increased dramatically, some of it of excellent quality.

Unfortunately, this technified coffee required heavy chemical fertilization to thrive. Because the shade canopy was no longer required, the biodiversity of the coffee forest disappeared as did the ability of coffee plantations to support birds and wildlife. Finally, to protect this monoculture style production from the rapid spread of pests and disease, heavy use of chemical pesticides and herbicides became required. But there is a silver lining to the story.

Some farmers did not agree with this style of production. Others could not afford to make change. This meant there was still traditional coffee being produced. When scientists from institutions like The Smithsonian analysed the new style of production. they realized the immense benefits that resulted in older way of growing coffee, a whole new appreciation of shade grown coffee was born.